Springer Mountain Farms - Better Chicken

Our History

Years ago in the hills of Northeast Georgia our founders started selling chickens in the back room of their grocery store.

Springer Mountain Farms became the first producer in America to raise chickens without the use of antibiotics, chemical medicines or hormones while feeding them an all-vegetable diet with no animal by-products. To accomplish this goal, we learned a great deal about the benefits of better animal care and biosecurity practices. Shortly thereafter, we became the very first poultry producer in the world to gain the endorsement of the American Humane Association.

Today, Springer Mountain Farms continues to look for better ways to preserve health and nutrition, care for our animals, protect the environment and invest in the long-term livelihoods of our farmers. We exercise great care in all that we do, and we know you'll be able to taste the difference. "Great Care. "Great Taste".

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